Our Services


We provide services for children with:

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

Sensory Processing Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder

Autism Spectrum and Pervasive Development Disorders

Fine and Gross Motor Delays 

Coordination and Balance disorders

Other psychological and neurological conditions

Comprehensive Assessment

Our evaluation process is specific to each child based on presenting concern(s). A combination of parent interview, observation of functional performance, and standardized assessment is utilized in order to evaluate:

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Handwriting Performance

Coordination and Balance

Sensory Integration and Processing

Neuromuscular Status

Activities of Daily Living

Auditory Processing Skills

Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills

Oral Motor Skills


Therapeutic Intervention

The evaluation results guide each child's individual intervention plan. Types of intervention and support include:

Individual and Group Occupational Therapy Treatment

Sensory Integration Therapy

Fine and Gross Motor Development

Handwriting Programs

Oral Motor Therapy

Developmental Activities

Visual Skill Programs

Therapeutic Listening

Self-Care Training